Meet Canvas for Creativity Judge, Sarah Dunning

Sarah Dunning

Sarah Dunning




Sarah Dunning started running the family business, Westmorland Family, in 2005 after several years of working in the City for NM Rothschild and as a Headhunter.

Westmorland Family own and operate the award winning Gloucester Services and the first family run motorway services on the UK roads, Tebay Services. Quality local food was at the core of the Dunning’s vision when they opened Tebay Services in 1972.
An ethos of innovation and a desire to do things properly defines Westmorland businesses.

First and foremost, Sarah sees herself as the champion of the business' values, ensuring that that they are the compass for everything the business undertakes. She loves food and constantly strives to strengthen the business' food approach through its home-made food and its relationship with its many artisan and local producers. Sarah works closely with her sister Jane, who looks after the family's farm interests and together they ensure that the connection between the farm and business remain strong.