Gloucester Cathedral an amazing venue for art.

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral has been a centre for creativity for centuries. From its very beginning in 1089, to the present day, art and sculpture has been at the very heart of this magnificent building.

The Cathedral boasts a magnificent collection of stained glass windows, from the Great East Window,  to the work of Thomas Denny commissioned in 2013.

Gloucester Cathedral hosts many varied exhibitions, and works with many local artists and communities to deliver high quality events, most notably hosting the the Crucible exhibitions in partnership with Gallery Pangolin in 2010 and 2014, we are thrilled to be in this list.

These two world-class sculpture exhibitions brought together some of the finest examples of 20th and 21st century sculpture and attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from far and wide.

Join us in the Cathedral on the 14th of June. Doors open at 7pm and the catwalk shows will start from 7.30. You will be treated to a wonderful display of creativity of bodypainting, art, design, scultpture, fashion, textiles in the shape of wearable art.

It will be a fun, relaxed and joyous evening with prizes being given out to category winners at the end of the show. Join in, or join us at this special venue.