Meet Canvas for Creativity Judge, Alex Box

Alex Box

Alex Box

Renowned for her experimental and often surreal beauty looks, Alex’s work continues to chart the correlation between art, science, nature and the magical.

Her editorial work has featured in a varielty of pubications including Vogue, Stylist, Numnero, W, Another Magazine, Dazed and Confused and i-D. Celebrity clients have included Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Frank Ocean, Sienna Miller and Courtney Love.

Working as a make up director for international fashion shows Box has created some of the iconic looks seen in the catwalk collections of Gareth Pugh, Karl Largerfied, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel.

As creative director of the illamasaqua she was intrumental in shaping the brands product development, imagery and creative vision from the conception of the brand, until her departure in 2015.

One outstanding facet of Alex’s career is her relentless drive for progress, seen in both her cosmetic artistry, but also through her embrace of cutting-edge innovations, enabling her to simultaneously blend the borders between fashion, art and technology.

A notable example of her work as a truly unique multi-platform artist is thorugh her development of an application Splashbox, that utilises microsofts motion sensing technology to allow users to virtually paint 3d renderings of models to inspire artistic pursuits in others.

Alex has most recently been annouced as Beauty Editor for Berlins’ cult fashion and art magazine, ‘King Kong’ Magazine.