Artist Profile- Robin Watkins-Davis


We spoke to Robin Watkins-Davis who entered the wearable Art Competition when she was 17.

'It's a bug's life under a microscope.' By Robin Watkins - Davis

'It's a bug's life under a microscope.' By Robin Watkins - Davis

"Back in 2017 I decided to enter the ACP wearable art competition, this was one of the best choices I have ever made! 

My piece of wearable art was made with the aim to transform the way people look at beetles. Seeing them as beautiful and irridescent, instead of creepy and gross!

Although nervous at the start, as I was doing my A-Levels and had never made a piece of wearable art before, I decided to challenge myself and have a go... well it was totally worth it, I was rewarded with a cash prize, 2nd place in the 12-17 yr old category and work experience.
ACP has given me so much support, opportunity and connections, I continue to work with them to this day. Directly after the competition I was awarded a work placement living and working in London with Iconic fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes. You can read more about my placement with her on my art blog:

I encourage you to perhaps enter a creation of wearable art yourself or come along to the catwalk and cast your eyes on the stunning innovations!  This year the themes are 'biomimicry/ and 'robotics'. The competition is taking place at Gloucester Cathedral on 14th June @7:30pm" - Robin Watkins - Davis

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