Over the past ten years we have held a wearable art competition that transformed the village of Painswick into a place of wonder. This year we take our competition to the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral to showcase our unique event.

The event features stage shows where participants display their astonishing creations of wearable art and body painting before a panel of world class judges.

We are young, having held our inaugural festival in 2010 and have grown our competition enormously in a very short time. 

The competition and accompanying workshops are to be celebrated and recognised. We are working with partners who are located along the creative trade route that weaves through Stroud, Painswick, Matson and Gloucester. 

  • Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

  • Create Gloucestershire

  • Gloucester Academy

  • Matson Library

  • Gloucester Library

  • Hawkwood

  • Strike a light

  • GL4 Festivals

  • Gloucester Culture Trust

  • Nelson Trust

Through these work placements that we aim to provide students with valuable experience in a variety of creative vocations.

Please help us to continue our good work, whether it’s through sponsorship, donations, volunteering, or helping to make the competition one of the most spectacular celebrations of creativity – we gratefully welcome your support.



Reasons to enter our competition?

Cash Prizes Work Experiences Bursaries Placements Mentoring Opportunities Panel discussions Expert Talk events Creative workshops