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James Dyson Workshop

In June 2016, ACP collaborated with global technology company Dyson to deliver a workshop for 50 secondary school students from across Gloucestershire. Five schools attended; Chosen Hill; Pates; Thomas Keble; Maiden Hill; Archway; and under the guidance of top Dyson engineers and the ACP Team, the students worked throughout the day to create prototypes of their own functional wearable art, inspired by the ACP Festival 2016 theme, ‘Moving Parts’.
Their brief was to identify a problem, then create a wearable art design, which solves that problem, using resources including string, cardboard, tape and, of course, spare parts from vacuum cleaners!

Local MP, Neil Carmichael, enjoyed trying out the newly created wearable art designs, and congratulated the students on their ingenuity and creativity.

The workshop gave these young people the opportunity to be paired with the practises of a world class business, as well as the opportunity for recognition to the wider community at the 2016 ACP Festival.

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With grateful thanks to the Earnest Cooks Trust and the Summerfield Charitable Trust.

National Star Workshop

ACP collaborated with Bee Daws, a young local puppeteer, and the great creative minds of The National Star College. These puppets were designed for one of our Festival Sponsors, Steppes Travel, who kindly donated an exotic trip to India to the lucky raffle winner on Festival Day 2016.header_logo_nscThe National Star students were thrilled with their contribution and The Head of The Art Department was so delighted, he organised a Dance Troupe to participate in Live@ACP. The performance featured 9 amazing dancers, 3 in wheelchairs and 3 severely physically handicapped as well as able-bodied dancers.

ACP and The National Star College are committed to investing more time and resources into collaborative projects with the idea to bring National Star Students to our 2018 ACP Festival with their own entry into the wearable art competition.

Another positive outcome is that the young artist/puppeteer (Bee Daws) who led the workshop also helped to demonstrate the puppets at The ACP Festival and as a result met one of the greatest puppeteers in the UK, Peter Pullon, the creator of the infamous Orville, who was a judge in our competition. He has since been mentoring her and has offered her an apprenticeship.





With grateful thanks to the Earnest Cooks Trust and the Summerfield Charitable Trust.

Stroud Ambitions Day

Each year, ACP has an interactive presence at Stroud Ambitions Day. Here, we give our young interns and apprentices the experience of running a booth and interacting with over 1000 local school children who are looking to widen their understanding of opportunities in the
area as they complete their schooling…or maybe to inspire their choices for future learning.
The presence of ACP at Skill For Stroud focuses on embracing creativity as the heart of all innovation, no matter what the chosen field of study. We also promote the work opportunities we have at The ACP Gallery.



University of Gloucestershire

ACP have nurtured an ongoing relationship with the University of Gloucestershire, specifically with The School of Art, Design and Media.img_1595   img_1609   img_1600   img_1601

Activities include:

  • Participation in the University’s end of year Festival of Fashion, where we provide costumes and mentoring to the students.
  • Hosting students in workshops in the ACP Gallery, where the students were tasked with using creative images in these surrounds to design textile fabrics which were used to create costumes exhibited at The Wilson Museum in Cheltenham at The SIT Select Showcase in Cheltenham.
  • Students from The Media School working at ACP events throughout the year, creating video and promotional photos. These include fashion shows, workshops and ‘ACP in Colour’, our 5 year retrospective held at St Mary’s Church in November 2015, as well as ‘Off The Wall’, our Summer Exhibition held at the ACP Gallery in July/August 2015.
  • Students from various disciplines working as volunteers at the ACP Festival including stage management, staging, video and photography.