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2016 Winners

Congratulations to this year’s contestants who showcased their outstanding and inspiring creations, presented on stage with such elegance and poise. Ranging from all ages, our contestants truly interpreted this year’s themes and provided us with a flamboyant and creative display.

Here at ACP, we’d also like to congratulate this year’s winners…

Simply The Best
Vikki Lafford Garside

Under 12’s
1st Evie Urquart Gordon
2nd Jemima Falshaw
3rd Annabelle Warfield

1st Jen Moorby
2nd Manni Flemming
3rd Bethany Gray Witney

Open 12-17
1st Saffron Patterson
2nd Robin Watkins Davis
3rd Eloise Mei

Independent Designers
1st Vikki Lafford Garside
2nd Sophie Withers
3rd Jack Everret

Open 18+
1st Lois Edmunds
2nd Sammy Adams
3rd Becky Llewelyn

Creative Heads
1st Arlene Barcley

Creative Heads (-12)
1st Lilah Bessant

Body Art

1st Grace Shepard

2nd Catriona Finlayson

3rd Katie Du’Mont

‘Moving Parts’ Bursary –  Joleen Kalaja

‘Flight’ Bursary – Elliot Millard

Andrew Davidson Bursary – Mila Harris-Mussi and Abi Garbett 

Art Couture Painswick