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Vikki Lafford Garside had entered the Independent Designers category, submitting her breath-taking piece, ‘Ocean’s Last Gasp’, inspired by one of this year’s themes, underwater. By using a range of materials such as fabric, wire, paper, cardboard and powertex. Vikki had created an outfit full of striking colour, making it no surprise that she was crowned ‘Simply The Best’.

Her piece is about the fragility and beauty of coral reefs around the world and the imminent threats to their survival. It represents mankind’s dominance of the natural world and the impact on the oceans, such as over fishing, pollution, suffocating seas and coral bleaching. As a keen scuba diver, she had love to spend time underwater in the most beautiful and amazing environments. She hopes that we can protect these beautiful coral reefs so that the future underwater remains a beautiful, thriving environment bursting with colour, light and life.

Judges Comments



“Fantastic interpretation of theme.”

“Exciting and inspiring.”