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OPEN (18+)



Sammy is a proud mum of 3 daughters living in Stroud. In 2014, she won third place in the Open (adult) category after submitting her legendary piece, ‘Rhiannon (Mobinogion’s Devine Queen)’. This year, she showcased her stunning work named ‘Wipeout Queen’, where she used a range of materials such as manufacturing waste, acrylics, cable ties, wire, rubber and more.

When clearing out her late Fathers garage, ACP was the last thing on her mind but re-discovering an old surfboard, straight away she was 6 years old again. She was back in the sea on holiday, being tossed around in the waves with her wonderful strong Dad by her side, thrown up the beach in a mass of waves losing her dads never to be seen again! It is the memory of these surfing days that she wanted to share, so the skirt is constructed to be heavy – just as the water that has taken firm grip of you, working up to the lighter bodice and finally breaking through to the wire sculpted crown and the breath of air and joy. The dress conveys the energy, excitement and the thrill of emerging from the waves embracing the memory of the recycling King, her Dad.

Judges Comments

“Great story and complex construction with many different items.”