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OPEN (12-17)



Robin has a thriving passion of anything creative. She has been a volunteer for ACP’s fabulous events over the years and was inspired to take up a new form of art and enter this years festival. Having never sewn before September 2015, she took on the challenge to learn how to make a costume in less than a year. She has loved every moment of designing and making process, including the many trials and errors along the way! Basing her work off of one of this year’s themes, ‘Flight’, Robin had named her piece, ‘It’s A Bug’s Life, Under The Microscope’.

She decided to base her design on beetles because they are often neglected, being viewed as ugly and frightening. When studying beetles with macro-lenses, she was able to see the fascinating intricate and iridescent qualities which make up their beautiful surface textures, She hopes to convey the beetles hidden beauties in her creation and transform our perception of them! Robin has used Embroidery, Paper Mache fusing, burning and wiring.

Judges Comments

“Intricate design.”

“Very perceptive.”

“Extraordinary drapery, subtly elegant.”