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Manni’s piece ‘Oiwa The Lantern Demon’ is inspired by the theme ‘Flight’. Originating in ancient Asia, paper lanterns are commonly seen flying or floating. Whilst studying these lanterns, he came across the story of Oiwa, the lantern demon in Japanese folklore. Her gruesome story has seen many adaptations. Manni became intrigued with the story’s themes, some still relevant today, and the demonisation of women within these folktales. The murderous story tells of an oppressed woman who is poisoned by her husband in an attempt to get rid of her. Physically disfigured, Oiwa dies of heartbreak and returns as a demon to seek revenge.

His garment is inspired by that story, and specifically looks at Oiwas stage of haunting as a demon, where is it said she would be seen in, or fly out of paper lanterns in seek of revenge against her husband. Lantern shapes inspired the central 3D sections of the garment, whereas the red crochet emphasizes her suffering and disfigurement.

Judges Comments


“Love the thought process.”

“A huge amount of work.”