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Never before has one piece of fruit launched such division, war, despair, and debate. Depicted in graffiti style artwork, because street artists often have the most profound messages; written on walls surrounding us as we hurry  by, busy with our own lives. One bad apple, the “Forbidden Fruit” is knowledge of good and evil, light versus darkness…

Archaeology, Art, History and Legend have carried this story through the ages of man to where we are today. In one day with one bite, if you believe it, the knowledge of good and evil and the fall of man, came from One. Bad. Apple. If nothing else, it is most certainly “Food for Thought”.

Judges Comments

“Striking with such a huge impact!”

“Lots of detail.”

“Very unique interpretation of the theme – snake and apple was an excellent touch!”

“Very well done for going outside your comfort zone – it’s paid off!”