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Jack’s piece ‘Homage To The Shaman’ is inspired by the Shaman’s flight of conciousness and the flight from persecution that Shaman’s have made. This ceremonial costume comes into being after many decades of making a wide spectrum of sculptures, buildings, books, journeys and performances all of which have the common thread of Bamboo. One fact about bamboo that you may not know is that it sequesters 35% more Co2 than broadleaf trees. Huh.

Jack used countless amounts of materials, creating a piece that grab everyone’s undivided attention. He used linen, leather, copper, coconut, iron, feathers, bamboo, chain and many more. Not only did the outfit catch your attention visually, it also caught your attention acoustically as the outfit created a musical sound.

Judges Comments

“Amazing craftsmanship and use of materials, commendable principles.”