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OPEN 12-17



Elliot’s piece is named ‘From The Skies’. It is inspired by his love of art and creating clothes out of unusual materials combined with the ideas of mythical creatures from books that he read when he was younger.

His outfit was made up of a range of materials such as polystyrene foam, paper, pizza bases and plastic packaging. Not only did Elliot’s piece look beautiful, but it contained a surprise which was released in front of our judges as the wings on the dress opened up wide, just like an angel. He successfully interpreted the ‘Flight’ theme through the use of visual and physical detail, making his piece almost unforgettable.

Judges Comments

“Great animation.”

“Good use of materials.”

“His ideas and execution are great. We would like him to carry on!” 

“Carry on and you’ll get close to the Sun, like Icarus!”