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Cat’s piece is titled, ‘Plastic Soup / All The Fish In The Sea’.

Only 5% of plastic is recycled, ⅓ escapes into oceans, a lorry full every minute. By 2050 plastic will outweigh any fish in the sea.

Marine creatures starve as the plastic fills them, or strangles them in netting and 6-pack rings. Bags look like jellyfish underwater, so if turtles catch one, their special throats, evolved to stop jellyfish escaping, mean they have to keep eating the plastic once it’s in their mouths.

Albatross eat fish eggs on floating objects, toothbrushes, lighters, sanitary waste – all stuff dead albatross chicks.

Ocean currents collect ‘plastic soups’ millions of kilometres wide, 5 swirling rubbish patches twice the size of Texas. The sea bed, Earth’s last frontier, is coated in tiny plastic particles.

Boyan Slat’s clean up system, a floating barrier passively collecting in rubbish to be recycled, launches in 2020. But we need to stop plastic ending up in our oceans if we want to keep our seas and ourselves alive.

Judges Comments

“Exquisite detail!”

“Superb artistry.”

“360 degree flow of design – excellent blending!”

“Fantastic props.”

“Just perfect!”