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Bethany’s piece is titled ‘Humans’ Nature’ and comments on our destructive human practices and the visual impact these have on our natural landscapes. This is represented through her recreation of satellite images down the back of the cape, showing five forms of destruction; intensive farming, deforestation, intensive agriculture, oil spills and urbanisation, which are ironically beautiful.

Her garment provides a bird’s-eye-view of the destruction and flight over the landscape. The cape symbolises our human impact, smothering the natural terrain, symbolised by the dress underneath. She had dyed the raw fabric of the dress with organic vegetable dyes to provide a natural colour scheme, and created abstract needle-felted river-deltas which are free-flowing, representing undisturbed nature. Thus, she hopes that her garment provides a metaphorical, yet tangible and visual comment on our human actions, and the need for change now.

Judges Comments

“Deep meaning behind it.”

“Great thought process.” 

“Beautifully constructed, very clever.”