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Arlene is a accessories designer based in the North East of Scotland who designs and creates each bespoke piece by hand. She has a unfathomable passion about the planet’s current climate condition as she worries extensively about what her son’s generation is likely to inherit should positive changes not be implemented by governments and countries. She stated, “I can only merely attempt to be as good a role model to my Son as I can be, which I try to express through my creations, (a very hard challenge being located 500+ miles away from London fashion scene)” Combining these feelings and being a proud “Scots Woman” Arlene created a “Mary Queen of Skulls” collection, (an ode to “Mary Queen of Scots”). During 2015 one of her “Mary Queen of Skull Crowns” was displayed during one of “London Hat Week” exhibitions, describing it as “an opportunity I was and still am exceptionally grateful for“. She decided¬†to enter her “Mary Queen of Skull Mohawk” into the competition as it is a very dramatic and statement headpiece and can only hope the message regarding planet; “pollution”, “plastic oceans”, “deforestation” can make the tiniest of impacts and that this message be relayed, conveyed and expressed to the audience and judges.

Arlene stated, “I do truly very much appreciate this opportunity to enter and only wish I could be there is person. Thankfully i’m exceptionally fortunate to have some fabulously great colleagues within the UK fashion scene who try their best to get my work noticed. To Mona Turnbull & Verity Willet I’m indebted.

Judges Comments

“Amazing craftsmanship.”

“Very theatrical.”